Work As An EMS Provider? Why You Need A First Responder Level 3A Vest

When you're a first responder, you need protection. Unfortunately, most first responders go to work each day without the protection they need for their safety. This is especially true with regard to firefighters and paramedics. In fact, many EMS workers are limited in the protection they receive. That's where first responder level 3A vests come into the picture. Level 3A vests give EMS workers the protection they need to stay safe on the job. If you're an EMS worker, read the list provided below. Here are four reasons you should equip yourself with a first responder level 3A vest. 

You Don't Always Have Police Backup

When you work as an EMS provider, you can find yourself in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, you don't always have the benefit of police backup. That means you're on your own for protection. That's where a level 3A vest comes into the picture. A level 3A vest protects you against the risks you might encounter. 

You Can't Carry Your Own Protection

If you're an EMS provider, you need to worry about your personal protection. One of the problems with being an EMS is that you can't carry your own protection. This includes pepper spray and knives. Unfortunately, that leaves you vulnerable to physical attacks. That's why a first responder level 3A vest is so beneficial. You can safely wear your level 3A vest as part of your uniform. That means you won't get in trouble for wearing personal protection. 

Protect Against a Variety of Threats

You never know what type of threat you're going to encounter when you're an EMS provider. Some threats include firearms, knives, and dogs. To keep yourself safe, you need a personal protection device that can protect against those types of threats.

That's where a level 3A vest comes in handy. Level 3A vests provide upper body and torso protection against gunshots, and puncture wounds. This includes knife attacks and dog bites. But, these vests also provide protection against kicks and punches as well. That means your vital organs are well-protected while you're at work.  

Provide On-the-Spot Protection

When you're working as an EMS provider, you need to focus on the people you're helping. You don't have time to assess your surroundings. Unfortunately, that means you might not have time to react to a physical assault. That's why you need a first responder level 3A vest. When you wear a level 3A vest, you have on-the-spot protection.